Harmony For Elephants

A breathtaking combination of eye-catching photography, knowledgeable insight and evocative music, brought together as a unique book with an accompanying album of specially written music, all about elephants and how they can live in harmony with humans.

This is a joint project between professional wildlife photographer and biologist Lesley Wood and Kate Evans, biologist, elephant researcher and founder and director of the charity ‘Elephants for Africa’.

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign this beautiful fine art book about elephants and elephant conservation with its accompanying CD album of music specially written for this project, recorded and donated by several world renowned musicians including ex-Genesis band members, Steve Hackett and Anthony Phillips, has now been published and is available to purchase.

Please buy these books and help us to support the charity ‘Elephants for Africa’ – 50% of proceeds from the sale of these books go directly to help ‘Elephants for Africa’ to continue their valuable work in Botswana with local communities to help to achieve harmony between the elephants and humans which live alongside each other.

'Harmony For Elephants' Digital Book

A stand-alone digital copy of the ‘Harmony for Elephants’ book in PDF format. (Album sold separately)

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The standard A4 edition and A3 limited editions of the book are now sold out.


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